Magabol has one of the longest in Poland traditions in distribution, designing and production of dietary supplements. What makes us different is cooperation with genuine scientists of worldwide recognition who assess and design our products. That is why our products not only keep up with the level of some more expensive ones but also some of them are innovations introduced by our laboratories.

     Since 1994 we have a strong position on the Polish market of nutrients and supplements. In 2004 our country has joined the European Union and since then the foreign interest in Polish food has been growing.
We rely on our production base in Poland and the Czech Republic. All the products are then exported to European Union countries, Eastern Europe and Asia.
     We cooperate with cheap and reliable transport companies, we are able to deliver our products on low prices in 4 weeks time to any country.




There are very few supplement companies in the world cooperating with scientists. Most of their products are not prepared by professionals. We have an advantage – not only do we cooperate with numerous acknowledged scientific centres but also with authentic scientists (Ph.D. of biochemistry) who prepare formulas for our products.

After banning prohormonal supplement sale (February 2005) all expensive substances stimulating endoctrine system base on plant extracts. Poland is a country with a long tradition in this domain. Products which are considered new in the USA have been used here for ages. Today it is Polish scientists and potential which follows latest trends in supplementation. For Megabol® products, new formulas are produced and the whole process of extracting plants is prepared. The result is perfect in its effectiveness and unrivalled prices.

Price is an important factor providing us advantage over our competitors. High quality along with a lower price enables to take place of older, popular companies.

Center for Biotechnological Implementation MEGABOL owning to its professional approach and presence in the world of science is valued by independent, public and private bodies.We are invited to participate in research projects – as the only manufacturer of supplements we participated in two-year OVOCURA project, involving researchers from several Polish universities. We were invited to the prestigious organization of the Polish Society of Herbalists and Phitotherapists, whose Scientific Committee consists of a dozen of Professors and Doctors. Our pro-quality approach is also recognized the world of business - another "Quality of the Year" and "Product of the Year" titles won in the most significant pro-quality contest organized by the Polish press.

Connections in new countries are a priviledge for our company. We are looking forward to any offers of cooperation with our future clients.