30 years, that's how long MEGABOL exists, is a certain minimum. A minimum to go through a period of fascination, observation and reflection. To acquire skills, but also to gain distance. Not only to know "how" and "for whom", but also "why?".

MEGABOL calendars have the ambition to reveal beauty and at the same time a certain idea. A classic idea, as usual in MEGABOL brand.

It do not intended to be an advertisement for dietary supplements, just as the Pirelli calendars are not an advertisement for tires. We show the charm of this "other side" - the one that is not predisposed to tires or musculature. After all, women in muscle building are doomed to lose in a head-to-head confrontation with men; then who got them into this? Instead, there is a natural common complementarity - the perfect nature of female body.

Today's media-forced world of women commandos, pirates, chess players and weightlifters, ignores what has been valued in women for centuries in art and considered the most important and exclusively feminine.

So let's leave the men with effeminate ways and the strong masculinized women to the media, influencers or passing fads. With us, the different natural sex appeal will remain unchanged and we show it traditionally, that is, in a conventional way. Because there are still those who know that "it's a man's, man's world" is more than just a Megabol slogan.